Sesi Presentasi – PERCEPTION

The Review of Thesis
Abstract : The focus of this study is to discuss the reduced price policy made by PT. Indomobil Tbk for Suzuki Swift Mini Compact Hatchback Sedan. Did not meet its goals, its market share still below the two competitors Honda and Toyota. In connection with the situation mentioned above, a research was conducted to understand the consumer awareness, later this research like to find which attributes are considered important. Last this research also likes to gather information about the consumer perception toward Suzuki Swift. This research begins with exploratory research, and then continues with descriptive research. A self administered survey is used to gather primary data. Sample size is fixed to 120 respondents with Convenience Sampling method. The result of this research; that Honda Jazz has the Top of mind awareness on consumer’s minds. However there are several brands that not included as Mini Compact Hatchback Sedan, such as; Nissan Grand Livina, Renault, Volvo, Mitsubishi. An aided awareness test proof that 100% respondent know Suzuki Swift brand. The economical fuel attribute, machine duration, price, spare part availability, after sales service, resale value are an important attributes, while design, safety equipment, interior space, are considered less important attributes. The appraisal on the attributes for Suzuki Swift cannot fulfill the respondent expectation.

Here is the file of presentation based on the thesis : CONSUMER PERCEPTION ANALYSIS (click the link)

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