The Influence of Capital Structure to Financial Risk of Company

Capital become one of important aspect in company. Capital structure used to know the presentage of comparison in company financing, between long term liabilities and the own capital.

This research done to answer the problems:

(1) How capital structure and company’s finance risk?

(2) The influence of capital structure to finance risk at company?
This research concern to influence of liquidity and long term liabilities to profitability problem, so that analyse taken is analysis regresi. And then, done a classic assumption examination (the Normalitas and the Heteroskedastisitas Test).
The Result of examination : (a) there are weak relation between Debt ratio and the variant EPS, (b) 2.6% variable of finance risk able to be explained by capital structure variable, and 97.4% by other factors, (c) from the heteroskedastisitas test, in this regresi model, standard error (e) do not categorize in the symptom heteroskedastisitas

Keywords: Capital Structure, Financial Risk


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