Guerilla Marketing

Marketing : The process of creating and delivering desired goods and services to customers and involves all of the activities associated with winning and retaining loyal customers

“Secrets” of Marketing : First, Understand target customers’ needs, demands, and wants before competitors can; Second, Offer them products and services to satisfy those needs, demands, and wants; Third, Provide customers with quality, service, convenience, and value so they will keep coming back

Three vital resources to winning the competition:

  1. People – the most important ingredient in a successful marketing strategy
  2. Information – the fuel that feeds the marketing engine; without it, the marketing engine sputters and stops
  3. Technology – a powerful marketing weapon, but what matters most is how a company integrates technology into its overall marketing strategy

A Guerrilla Marketing is Unconventional, low-cost, creative techniques that allow a company to wring a big “bang” from its marketing bucks

Four Objectives of a Guerrilla Marketing Plan

  1. Pinpoint the target markets a company will serve
  2. Determine customer needs, wants, and characteristics through market research
  3. Analyze a company’s competitive advantages and build a marketing strategy around them
  4. Create a marketing mix that meets customer needs and wants

Guerrilla Marketing Principles

  1. Find a niche and fill it
  2. Don’t just sell; entertain – “entertailing”
  3. Connect with customers on an emotional level
  4. Build a consistent branding strategy
  5. Start a blog
  6. Use social commerce
  7. Strive to be unique
  8. Focus on the customer
  9. Retain existing customers
  10. Devotion to quality
  11. Attention to convenience
  12. Concentration on innovation
  13. Dedication to service and customer satisfaction
  14. Emphasis on speed

Source : ESBM, Scarborough, 2009. Pearson – Chapter 9


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